Brookes sees best year for sustainable development Teach In

16 March 2021

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The annual ‘Global Goals Teach In’ campaign organised by SOS-UK took place from 22 February – 5 March. The campaign calls on educators to pledge to include the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) in their teaching and learning throughout the two weeks.

This year Brookes reached third place for student involvement (4,350 students) and fourth place for the number of teaching staff who pledged to get involved (44), which made this year our most successful Teach In to date. Key to this year’s engagement has been the fruitful collaboration between the University's Environmental Sustainability Team and the recently established Sustainable and Resilient Futures Network. Congratulations to everyone involved!

NUS-led research shows that 60% of students, regardless of discipline, want to learn more about sustainability. Students and staff at Brookes shared why incorporating the Sustainable Development Goads (SDGs) in teaching is so important:

"I attended the SOS Teach In event on the SDGs as I acknowledge how crucial they are for equitable global development. Planning plays a key role in creating quality urban development and has vast potential to help work towards the SDGs, although I feel that they don't currently gain enough attention within the English planning system or decision making. My dissertation focuses on healthy planning and I attended this session as I felt how SDGs 11 and 3 were particularly relevant, and it would be good to integrate them into my methodology to make a small step towards mainstreaming them into decision making. Everyone has a part to play in sustainable development and it's important that we all do our bit to work towards a more equitable and sustainable future for all."

Millie Rose, MSc Spatial Planning student.

“Business schools are uniquely positioned to understand and critique the role of organisations in the climate emergency. We must strive to teach our students why "Our House Is on Fire" (Thunberg et al., 2020) and what they must understand to positively address the existential crises that will unfortunately define their lives.”

Dr Guy Huber, Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes Business School

“Our graduates work in the built environment sector, which is one of the four highest carbon emitting sectors. Ultimately, they will have to play a significant role in achieving net zero targets. These targets closely align with the Sustainable Cities & Communities Goal. Hence, I feel it is important to take part in the Teach In.”

Esra Kurul, Reader, School of the Built Environment

"Sustainability and social justice are key themes running throughout our MSc in Spatial Planning degree. The SOS Teach In provided an opportunity to bring this to the fore and to get Master's students to think about the relevance of the Sustainable Development Goals to their dissertations. As planners, they have a critical role to play in creating more sustainable cities and communities. But we also aim for them to leave Oxford Brookes as well-informed, critical actors, ready to play their part in bringing about positive change."

Dr. Tim Jones, Reader in Urban Mobility, School of the Built Environment.