Changes to the University Identity and Access Management solution

12 May 2021

Person on laptop

The University is about to go live with a new Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution on Monday 17 May. This will have minimal impact on your use of University IT systems but we wanted to provide you an update on its introduction.

IAM is how the University grants access to various IT resources to you during your time studying at Brookes. Some examples of this are:

  • account access
  • resources such as Moodle
  • your Google Mail account
  • access to library resources

Although the new solution is expected to have a minimal impact on students’ current use of University IT systems, the new system aims to provide improvements and will include the following changes.

Password resetting

To provide extra security, you will now be able to reset your own password rather than contact the IT Service Desk or Student Central. In order to take full advantage of being able to do this please make sure that your personal email address held within the Student Information System (Banner) is up to date and you are able to access this account.

Single Sign On Solution

There will be a change to our Single Sign On Solution (PingFed) - this is what we use to control authentication to key services within the University. This will have no impact on your access but you will notice a difference in the log-on screen for some of the University’s IT systems. The new URL you will be directed to for authentication will always start with During the transition period the existing authentication URL will also be used and always starts with

Removal of access

Once you have finished your time studying with the University, you will still be granted 300 days access past your completion dates (subject to completion status) to some resources such as your Google Mail and Google Drive accounts. So please remember, once you have completed your course to back up any data you wish to take with you before the 300 days expires.

Should you experience any account or login issues, please do contact IT Services via ServiceNow or via the telephone on 01865 483311.