Cowley Road Carnival 2021 round up!

6 July 2021

Cowley Road Carnival logo and event image

Oxford Brookes is a proud supporter of Cowley Road Carnival which took place this year on Sunday 4 July. Celebrating 20 years, the carnival was ‘brought home’ as people were invited to get involved by decorating their houses, holding street parties and engaging with a fantastic mix of entertainment and activities that were live streamed throughout the day.

The University organised a small selection of online activities, originally produced for our Science Bazaar earlier in the year, to tie in with the carnival’s ‘Mother Earth’ theme. People based anywhere were able to get involved and find out more about:

  • Eco coffee: wildlife friendly coffee and its importance in saving endangered animals like the Slow Loris, showcased through posters designed by undergraduate student Lorna Boland: What is wildlife friendly coffee and What makes coffee wildlife friendly
  • Superworms: what are 'superworms' and how are they are used in research. Participants could make their own superworm or take a quiz to find out which superworm they were!
  • Crocodiles of the World: crocodile expert Colin Stevenson took visitors on a virtual tour of Oxfordshire's very own Crocodiles of the World, UK's only zoo specialising in crocodiles and alligators. 
  • Sustainability: guests were able to explore sustainable packaging by joining our Environmental Sciences students via their video. They could also make their own planter or recycled watering bottle.

Although it was not quite the same as a physical event, it was great to be able to get involved and be part of the carnival celebrations in this special year. If you were able to join the celebrations, we hope you enjoyed it. We look forward to taking part in an event back on the road (hopefully) next year!

If you missed the event and wish to find out more about ‘Carnival at home’ you can see more in this YouTube video or find out more about Cowley Road Carnival on the Cowley Road Works webpage