Creative Industries Festival - now available on demand!

15 June 2021

Creative Industries Festival written in white against a grey background. The image is dotted with lights from a modern chandelier

The Creative Industries Festival involved over 1,000 participants from industry, public bodies, education and practitioners over the many events taking place during May 2021. Organised by the Creative Industries Research Innovation Network (CIRIN) the majority of sessions were recorded and are now available to view at your convenience. As well as weeks themed around the future of the creative industries, media and celebrity, visual culture, and sound and music, the festival had a focus on finding ways to build a more inclusive creative sector and provided a platform for celebrating a wide range of diverse creatives working in a vast array of creative fields.

Highlights of the festival included a student-led discussion What can I do with an arts degree, Celebrity Culture Club: Queer contributions to the creative industries; OxLEP: What is a creative and diverse county?; Caribbean Legacies in Oxfordshire; Annaliese Dodds’ alternative visions for the creative industries in the UK, singer Kate Nash on sexism in the music industry and provocative performance Crip Humour with Aaron Williamson.

Over 80% of attendees and participants thought that the festival successfully brought together academics and industry professionals to exchange their perspectives and expertise with a focus on community work. The festival was thought to be successful in highlighting the cross-disciplinary and collaborative potential of the Creative Industries Network, whilst strengthening relationships with local, regional and national communities.


“We were delighted to be asked to kick off an incredibly engaging program, touching on some brilliantly diverse and critical topics supporting and surrounding our creative sectors at the moment.”

Maia Krall Fry, Head of Development and Partnerships, the Creative Industries Federation

“I'm just really excited to be talking about the bridges that we can build between the university experience and the experience that students are going to have once they get out into industry.”

Ann Padley, Design Thinking Consultant and Former UG Programme Director, University of Bristol's Centre of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Creative Industries Innovation and Research Network brings together researchers, professional and local communities to share their expertise on this diverse sector. To sign up to the Network’s newsletter visit the webpage.