Have you updated your term-time address?

13 October 2020

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We know it’s a bit of a chore, but updating your term-time address on Student Information can help you in a number of ways:

1. If you haven’t received your student card yet, it may have been sent back to us or not delivered to the right address. Update your term-time address and email studentcentral@brookes.ac.uk and we can send a new one to you.

2. Any attendance letters or council tax letters you generate through your student information page need a local address and a home address if it’s different. Without these, the banks and councils won’t accept them.

3. Using your term-time information, we can confirm to Oxford City Council that you are a student and do not need to pay council tax. You still need to register online, but you don’t need to provide a council tax letter. So no more demands through the post for Council Tax!

3. While you’re updating your address, you can also give your permission to be added to the electoral roll to enable you to vote in local or national elections. Make sure your voice is heard!

4. Keep all your addresses up to date so we will always send things to the right place, right up to the point we send your certificate when you graduate!

How to update your address

  • Log on to the Student Information portal.
  • Under the student menu, click on Update personal information.
  • Click on the Address tab and check the home and term-time addresses are correct.
  • Update the address if it is incorrect.

How to request an attendance letter

How to request a council tax letter