Hedgehog Awareness Week

21 April 2021

Hedgehog Awareness Week

Help your local hedgehogs thrive on campus or at home.

Hedgehog Awareness Week, running from 2-8 May, aims to highlight the problems hedgehogs face and how you can help them. This year the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) is asking people to create their very own hedgehog haven.

Last month we launched Hedgehog Friendly Campus here at Brookes, you can watch the recording of the launch event on this webpage. As part of our efforts to achieve a bronze award this year we will focus our efforts on making our campus more hedgehog friendly by clearing litter that can pose a hazard to our prickly friends. Our wonderful student Hedgehog Ambassador, Caitlin Green, has written this blog to explain why litter is such an issue and a guide to supporting hedgehogs at home.

Litter picks

You can get involved by joining one of our organised litter picks on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 12.00 noon - 12.45pm during Hedgehog Awareness Week. Groups will be limited to six due to current government restrictions. We will provide the litter picks, bags, gloves, sanitiser and high vis jackets but we ask anyone joining to bring their own face covering.

Hedgehog highways signs

As you might remember from the launch event, creating a hedgehog highway between gardens is a great way to help our friends to get around the neighbourhoods they call their home. We are giving away five hedgehog highway signs to the first five people who send us a photo of their own newly-created hedgehog highway in their home garden. Please send your photos to: hedgehogfriendlycampus@brookes.ac.uk (Please note if you are renting your premises you will obviously need to seek the homeowner’s permission to create an opening between gardens).

Hedgehog bin stickers

Are there hedgehogs in your area? You can request a free hedgehog bin sticker to make others aware and to encourage drivers to take care. Please send your request to: hedgehogfriendlycampus@brookes.ac.uk

Competition winners

As part of our launch event we also ran a creative hedgehog competition, you can see all the entries and the competition winners on the Brookes Union webpage. Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to the winners!

Instagram account

Join our brand new instagram account to share all things hedgehogs: obu_hedgehogcampus