How are you? Over the next few weeks the Covid Response Team will be calling all students to have a chat

8 December 2020

A male student wearing a red jacket sits on the Rain Pavilion, he is looking away from the camera and speaking to someone on his mobile

We understand that this has been an unusual year and lots of us have found it challenging. So the University is attempting to contact every student by phone initially to see how you are during the current Covid-19 situation. Calls are already underway so you may have already spoken with a member of staff.

These calls are being made by the Covid Response Team, which was formed at the start of the semester to manage and support Covid-19 cases. The team has now expanded its role and has begun contacting students to see how you are and if the University can help. The aims of the calls are to give you an opportunity to ask questions, to provide high-level guidance on Covid-19 testing and travel situations, and ensure you are aware of the support services available to you. For those who request support, your requirements will be shared with the relevant team who will follow-up. In addition, the University will gain a better understanding of students’ situations, which will assist with planning future support needs.

Students will receive calls from a University phone number - 01865 741111 - and the caller will identify themselves as a member of the Covid Response Team at Oxford Brookes. With the support of a form, the caller will ask you some initial questions about your accommodation and travel plans around the Christmas break, before giving you the opportunity to raise any questions or support needs you might have. Where possible, answers or guidance will be provided, queries or concerns will be documented and referred to the appropriate teams for follow up and resolution.

For those students who miss this call, an email will be sent containing the form that you can complete yourself.

These calls will continue up to 22 December and will restart on 4 January 2021.

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