Launching the LR STAR Programme

20 October 2021

LR STAR logo

Learning Resources Supporting Technology and Resources (LR STAR) is a new co-curricular programme designed to build confidence in your digital capabilities and improve digital literacy across Brookes students and staff.

There’s something that will be relevant to you whether you’re a digital novice or a digital pioneer.

Together, students and staff will create a community that will work on projects, devise new training opportunities, mentor students and staff to build their confidence in using Brookes’ digital platforms and research new ways to innovate.

There are a variety of LR STAR activities and self-directed learning to help STARS (Supporting Technology and Resources Students) build confidence in your digital capabilities and you will also be creating valuable content to include on your CV.

The STAR activities cover four categories: Research, Resources Creator, Trainer, Mentor. Find out more information and how to sign up on the LR STAR homepage.

The STAR programme activities and resources are designed to help students and staff develop employability skills, especially in consultancy, mentorship, problem-solving, and teamwork. These activities tie into the BrookesEDGE co-curricular scheme and all LR STAR programme activities can be used as evidence and activities for the EDGE award.

Contact for more information or to suggest activities or resources for the LR STAR programme.