Marking Disability History Month with Julia Wejnar

18 November 2020

Lloyd Building lit up with purple lights signifying the start of Disability History Month

On the eve of Disability History Month, an annual event creating a platform to focus on the history of disabled peoples’ struggle for equality and human rights; we spoke to Brookes student Julia Wejnar to hear about her experience on BBC See Hear, a monthly magazine programme for the deaf community.

Why did you participate in BBC See Hear?

My friend asked me if I would like to say something about university for BBC See Hear. I thought it would be beneficial for others to know what it is like.

Now that you have been at university for a few months, what current tips would you give to other students?

Never leave your assignments until late and attend every lecture or seminar, even if it’s online. Get to know your flatmates!

A month on from featuring on the programme have things changed? (Has lockdown had an impact and if so what?)

It is still a difficult time for all of us. There are limits for us doing things we like, but it is also positive because you get to know your flatmates more and appreciate small things.

Based on your experience as a student who has a hidden disability, what would you recommend to others?

I recommend you to get a sunflower lanyard if you have a hidden disability, so people at university can be aware. Also, make sure you know who you can talk to if you feel down or issues with your university work.

Outside of lectures, what have you enjoyed most?

Hanging around with my flatmates, going to the art galleries, and visiting the Botanical Gardens.

Highlight three things that are great about being a student at Oxford Brookes?

My course! The place. People.

If you would like to watch Julia on BBC See Hear, you can catch up on episode seven via BBC iPlayer (view from 25.15).

To mark the beginning of Disability History Month, the Lloyd Building and the Centre for Sport will be lit purple for a week from 3 December 2020. If you are in Oxford at Headington Campus, keep your eyes peeled and watch out for the lights! If you’re unable to visit the campus we’ll be sharing images of the #PurpleLightUp on social media.

From the 18 November to the 18 December, Brookes Sport is celebrating everything about disability sport, to raise awareness and promote the successes of our disabled users, athletes, students and local community projects. Find out more about what Brookes Sport has planned for the month.