Oxford Brookes signs the Can’t buy my silence pledge

3 October 2022

Can't buy my silence

Oxford Brookes has signed the Can’t buy my silence pledge, which commits the University to not using non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for complaints about sexual harassment, bullying and other forms of misconduct. Brookes does not and never will use an NDA for a complaint of this nature and this pledge is a public commitment to this.

Non-disclosure agreements are legal contracts that prevent the person who signed it from publicly speaking about confidential information about the complaint, the process and / or the outcome and any arrangement or settlement involved.

Earlier this year, the Department for Education said that universities must stop using NDAs for complaints about sexual harassment, bullying and other forms of misconduct and asked them to sign the voluntary pledge as a first step.

This aligns with our wider undertaking to ensure dignity at work and study and ensure zero tolerance to any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying, and victimisation. Work is currently underway to review and update our policies to support this. 

If you have experienced sexual harassment, bullying or other forms of misconduct such as discrimination, you can tell the University using the reporting tool. You can report anonymously, if you wish.

Brookes and independent organisations offer support - you can find out more on the report and support webpages.