Pack for Good in 2022

4 March 2022

Pack for Good logo

Oxford Brookes is extremely proud of our continuing strong performance and contribution to the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) end of year ’Pack for Good’ campaign.

The city of Oxford’s campaign is one of the largest in the South West Region and has been running since 2012 in collaboration with Oxford City Council and the University of Oxford.

Brookes has partnered with the charity to empower students and staff to donate unwanted clothes, shoes, electricals, books and other items through the provision of BHF banks across our campuses.

This campaign supports our core values and principles in delivering a sustainable waste management strategy in line with our wider sustainability aspirations. The figures speak for themselves, last year, despite Covid-19 restrictions your donations managed to generate a staggering 1,800 bags, worth approximately £25,452 and made up an impressive 80% of the city-wide total.

Make a donation

The Pack for Good campaign runs to coincide with when students are moving out of their accommodation. Students and staff are invited to take part in this year's donation campaign by placing any unwanted items in one of the BHF banks, open for use throughout the year, at:

  • Headington Campus (outside Clerici)
  • Harcourt Hill Campus (outside reception)
  • Wheatley Campus  (between A & M Block)
  • Clive Booth Student Village
  • Cheney Student Village
  • Warneford Hall
  • Paul Kent Hall
  • Crescent Hall

BHF estimates that each donated bag raises £14 in donations. Your donations make a difference by helping to support a range of local services, such as programs for Heartstart, prevention and care or health at work initiatives:

  • 10 bags could nurse a broken heart by funding a full day’s BHF Heart Nursing Care.
  • 100 bags could help find a cure by funding a young scientist for seven days.
  • 1000 bags could help 40 young heart patients to gain independence.

Thank you for your support. For more information please visit the British Heart Foundation webpage.

More information about Oxford Brookes’ commitment to social responsibility can be found on the Sustainability webpages