Photography Competition winners

11 March 2021

The winning images

The University ran a photography competition for students from 1 December 2020 to 14 February 2021.

With over 250 entries, the judging panel had the unenviable task of narrowing the competition and selecting the winners.

Professor Anne-Marie Kilday, Pro Vice-Chancellor Student and Staff Experience, commented:

'We were overwhelmed with the response to the competition and it made the job of selecting the winners really hard. We loved seeing a such a wonderful range of images'

The winners and runners up in each category were:


  • 1st - Victory Jimah
  • 2nd - Bikash Kansaria


  • 1st - Lewis Whitehouse
  • 2nd - Gracelin Venpin
  • 3rd (joint) - Hattie Carter-Aleksic
  • 3rd (join) - Victory Jimah


  • 1st - Scarlett Manger
  • 2nd - Maria Potvin
  • 3rd (joint) - Victory Jimah
  • 3rd (joint) - Zack Thomas

Students who took part in the competition shared:

‘I really enjoyed it. I did it but didn’t think I would win at all because I didn't have the equipment, just ideas. I took everything on an iPhone 7 and I can't edit. The stress of the degree coupled with the boredom of lockdown led to a “why not” attitude and these are the results. Thank you and the team again for creating the competition that I'm sure brought a lot of smiles to a lot of people during these times.’

Victory Jimah

‘The competition challenged my creativity by giving me an opportunity to really think about my pictures before I shoot, so that I can capture my thought process in the frame. Being low on money at the moment due to the pandemic and needing to buy resources for my degree, the prizes were very appealing. Above all it gave me motivation to pick up my camera, challenge my creative thinking, and learn some new things about photography along the way. Thank you for giving me the opportunity!’

Lewis Whitehouse

‘I wanted to get involved in this competition really as a nice escapism from lockdown and used it as a chance to get out and explore the countryside I live in. Photographing my area, especially with the categories in mind gave me a different outlook on my day and helped my focus on the positives during this pretty rough year!’

Scarlett Manger

Congratulations to all the winners and those shortlisted! Enjoy your prizes.

Check out the gallery for the winning photos.