Removal of abandoned bikes on campus

28 May 2021

A male student stands in the midst of a row of bikes, he is locking his bike to a metal stand

Each year, the University’s Security Team conducts a review of abandoned bicycles across our campuses.

If a bicycle has been identified as abandoned it will be issued with a notice to be collected by 28 June 2021. If left uncollected after this date, it will be removed from campus.

The abandoned bicycles will then be donated to the Bike Dr and local charities to be repaired, supporting the local community to encourage active travel.

Oxford City Council’s webpages provide further information for abandoned bicycles in public areas.

Bike Registry

To help bicycle ownership identification, the University encourages cyclists to register their bike on a national bike database.

FREE BikeRegister Membership kits are via the University’s online shop and further information and advice on bike protection can be found on the Security cycle webpages.

Further information and contact details for the Transport Services team can be found on the University’s website.