Step into Spring with us

4 March 2022

Two people walking

The days are finally getting longer, so this spring why not enjoy a bit of a spring clean for your mind and body? There are a range of ways to help you feel good this spring. You could try out some fun, new healthy recipes or get outside cycling, walking and running.

University Bike Doctor and second hand bike sale

Transport Services has teamed up with the University’s Bike Doctor to offer a range of discounted second hand bicycles for you to enjoy Oxford. Why not use the Bike Doctor to take the stress away of maintaining a bike. Any work carried out is free of charge all you might need to pay for is any new parts your bike may need. Find out more when they are coming next on campus


Brookes Sport offers a range of facilities and activities to help get you active - you can also join the Brookes Active running and cycling clubs on Strava.

In addition, if you want to find a suitable walking or cycling route to campus, or tips on walking or cycling your commute, please visit BROOKES Active routes. You can even upload your own routes on the same page.

Sustainability lecture

On Wednesday 20 April from 6.00pm - 7.00pm, find out how spaces and places will be developed and explore if public and active travel be prioritised over the car or will this remain a utopian vision?

Register to attend our virtual lecture on 20 April, where we will be exploring and imagining how urban environments will affect sustainable travel norms and how cities can become truly smart and integrated.

Eat well - Feel Good Food: good for you, good for the planet

The University’s catering team, Gather and Gather, have developed a range of healthy option meals to help you feel good and put a spring in your step!

Student sustainable transport offers

Don’t forget to check out the wide range of student travel incentives the University provides to help whilst studying in Oxford and further afield.

Street Tag

This is a fun and interactive app for everyone of all abilities. Simply download the app, create a team and play against other people. You earn points from physical activities indoor and outdoor walking, running, cycling; collecting virtual tags converting your steps into points. Rewards and prizes are available.

Sustainable transport for all

To check out the full range of student travel options available, visit the transport webpages