Student Experience Panel

21 September 2022

Student Experience Panel logo

Here at Oxford Brookes, we want to represent authentic and diverse student perspectives. 

Our Student Experience Panel is an active and representative group of Brookes students who voice their opinions on a range of topics by taking part in incentivised research activities, focus groups and regular feedback meetings. 

This semester, panel members will be working closely with the University’s teams in Marketing, Recruitment and Engagement, and Academic and Student Administration, to provide feedback on promotional and contractual documents.

As the panel continues to grow and evolve, more varied opportunities will become available; register your interest to stay updated.

If you're invited to join the Student Experience Panel you will:

  • receive cash vouchers or other rewards for completing research activities
  • be offered free food at some in-person events
  • meet and collaborate with like-minded students and staff
  • positively contribute to student life at Brookes
  • gain skills and experience - CV booster.

No special skills are required, just an enthusiasm for the University, a willingness to take part (you’ll need to be willing to commit to at least two meetings a semester) and your unique insights as a Brookes student.

To get involved and start receiving invitations to take part in incentivised opportunities, register your interest now via the Student Experience Panel registration form.

If you have any questions, please contact  for more information.