Student Q&A recording - 2 November 2022

10 November 2022

On Wednesday 2 November, we hosted a live Q&A webinar with the Vice-Chancellor, senior University staff and the Brookes Union President. They answered students’ questions about a range of issues relating to the current academic year, aspects of the University and university life.

This was a trial event, with a view to holding semesterly student Q&A webinars with the University’s senior leaders going forward.

Topics covered during the event

Support for students during the cost of living crisis
Reason for recent bus changes and accessibility on public transport
Student finance delays
Sexual Consent Education modules
18:04USB outlets in the John Henry Brookes Building
19:22Making support services easier to access
23:09Making the University more accessible to neurodivergent students, LGBTQIA+ students, students with physical disabilities and students with mental health struggles
27:15Academic attendance and engagement
29:48Bullying and harassment
32:02Brookes catering and green initiatives
35:34Transport for academic field trips
39:07Prioritisation of the University’s budget
43:28Visa enrolment and ID cards
45:13Support and resources for Black students and other ethnic groups at Brookes
47:58Sports culture review and plans to improve behaviour within sports teams
50:22Financial Aid and emergency support
52:12Non-disclosure agreements regarding cases of sexual violence
52:52Publishing of report on conduct cases at Brookes (this is now published)
53:24Student visa attendance requirements
55:01Independent review on high-profile case involving Brookes students

Provide your feedback

Please let us know what you thought about this Q&A event, and tell us how you would like the University to continue to provide and share support with students moving forward.