Transport update - let’s be seen together

18 October 2021

A bike wheel and lights at night

With the clocks going back at the end of the month (Sunday 31 October) and daylight hours decreasing, make sure you can be more visible when walking, cycling or using an e-scooter.

To help promote safe travel, the University Transport and Security teams offer a number of incentives in collaboration with national and local retailers or via the online shop and don’t forget to take advantage of Brookes’ free bike marking kits.

As you may be aware, when you ride a bicycle in the dark the law requires that you have lights and reflectors. The law is quite specific as to what lights and reflectors you use - to ensure understanding of the law, Cycling UK has produced this short video.

Cycling UK states all cyclists, like all road users, should behave responsibly and within the law, including ensuring that they and their cycles are visible at all times. Oxfordshire County Council has also produced advice on how to use e-scooters safely.

We also kindly ask all cyclists, when cycling to and from campus, to park within the designated areas and refrain from locking cycles to bollards or handrails. If a bicycle is not parked within a designated cycle area it may be removed.

Wearing of face coverings on public transport

A reminder that the UK’s Government guidance advises the wearing of face coverings in crowded and enclosed areas, such as public transport, where you come into contact with people you do not usually meet. Guidance can be found on the Oxford Bus Company website