UniSAFE survey: Your voice on gender-based violence in Oxford Brookes University is needed

4 October 2021

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Professor Linda King, Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and Global Partnerships, and Professor Anne-Marie Kilday, Pro Vice-Chancellor Student and Staff Experience share details on a UniSAFE survey on gender-based violence.

We welcome and encourage your input to better understand how safe staff and students are at Oxford Brookes in relation to gender-based violence. Can you tell us whether or not you have encountered – directly or indirectly – any incidents of violence, and help us understand what might have been potential consequences? Your voice is really important to us, and your participation in this work will feed directly into the work the University is conducting on creating a safe, fair and equal institution for its staff and students.

The aim of the UniSAFE online survey is to provide measurable evidence on prevalence of gender-based violence in universities and research organisations, and understand how it relates to its determinants and consequences. UniSAFE’s definition of ‘gender-based violence’ encompasses many, and different, forms of violence, violations and abuse, including but not limited to physical violence, psychological violence, economic and financial violence, sexual violence, sexual harassment, gender harassment, stalking, organisational violence and harassment – in both online and offline contexts. The UniSAFE survey is part of the wider UniSAFE project, an EU-funded research project that aims to produce better knowledge on gender-based violence and sexual harassment in universities and research performing organisations. The survey results will be integrated with qualitative evidence in a multi-level study design, analysed and translated into operational tools for universities and research performing organisations as well as policymakers.

The survey is being carried out at Oxford Brookes, and besides being used for our own internal work on equality (e.g. Athena Swan and Race Equality Charter), is also being used as a pilot before launching across 15 European countries. This is therefore an opportunity to contribute to policy efforts on eradicating all forms of gender-based violence in the context of universities and other research organisations at the European level. The survey is being organised by the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice, in partnership with GESIS (Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences in Germany).

UniSAFE acknowledges the personal and sensitive character of this research and takes all necessary precautionary measures to protect the privacy of the survey participants and confidentiality of the collected data. All the information you provide will be kept confidential. All data will be anonymised and aggregated before sharing any findings in a format that will ensure confidentiality.

We would like to reiterate the importance of ensuring that your voice is heard through this survey, in order to create a safe, fair and equal environment for all at Oxford Brookes. We thank you in advance for your participation,

Linda King and Anne-Marie Kilday

Access the UniSAFE survey.