Volunteer Cheer Campaign - Make Someone Smile!

25 November 2020

The Oxford Brookes Volunteer Centre is proud to announce our Cheer Campaign! Our goal is to Make Someone Smile through positive actions and volunteering.

We have lots of different opportunities for you to take part in, some examples of how to get involved in the Cheer Campaign include:

  • Together Neighbours - a support programme that provides local people with support for everyday practical tasks
  • Planning and hosting live sessions online such as quizzes or book reviews for care home residents with Leonard Cheshire
  • Adopt a grandparent with CHD Living Homes - get paired with an older individual and write letters/poems to them, talk over the phone and share stories across generations
  • Providing fun activity days for young people referred by social services on Zoom with Branch Up

Head over to the Oxford Brookes Volunteers Facebook page to see all the latest opportunities being promoted. Be sure to register on the Oxford Brookes Volunteer Portal where you can find and sign up for a wide range of volunteering opportunities.

Volunteering is great for your mental health. It can increase confidence and ignite your passion through exploring interests and hobbies as well as helping to build a sense of community and connection to the people you help and other volunteers you might work with.

Volunteering is also useful for your employability and can be used in place of work experience. It will be a fantastic addition to your CV, as well as a prime example of when you utilised or gained some skills.

Did you know that the Volunteer Centre is also promoting Microvolunteering opportunities that can be done online? Microvolunteering can usually be done online at any time and from anywhere, which makes it super flexible. Organisations don’t tend to ask for a commitment; they just appreciate as much or as little time as you can give.

A Cheer Campaign microvolunteering example is Oxfordshire Breastfeeding Support (OBS), who are collecting Smiles to help support babies and their families.

Be sure to follow the Careers Centre on social media and watch out for Volunteer Wednesdays for all updates and the latest opportunities.