Wellbeing online talks

21 September 2021

A student at their laptop

The Wellbeing team is running two online sessions in Weeks 2 and 3 to support students affected by the pandemic. The first session is a facilitated discussion to explore how the pandemic has affected you and share ways of coping and what’s helped. The second session explores bereavement and the grieving process. Participants can share their feelings anonymously through a word cloud.

Discussion: being at uni during a pandemic

Wednesday 29 September, 12:30pm - 1:10pm, Zoom - save the date to your Google Calendar

This is an opportunity for students to talk to each other in a facilitated online meeting about how they are navigating university life right now.

Coming to campus after a series of lockdowns can produce anxiety - whether it’s remembering how to talk to humans in person and navigate parties and gatherings, dealing with others’ different sense of etiquette around masks and guests, or just dealing with all that’s happened to us and our loved ones over the last year and a half.

Let’s talk about what’s been going on, how we’ve coped and what’s helped. We’d be really interested to learn more about your experiences and to find out what has worked for you. Join us for a group discussion facilitated by two members of the counselling team.

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Talk for students: What happens when we're bereaved

Tuesday 5 October, 6:30pm - 7:30pm, Zoom - save the date to your Google Calendar

Given the tragic death toll during the pandemic, we are piloting a talk about bereavement for students. This is for students who have been bereaved in any way.

People who have been bereaved often feel like they're going mad. Many sorts of feelings, thoughts, sensations and behaviour can happen in response. This talk from the counselling team shares some of the common responses and models of how grief works to help you make sense of it. It's open to students who have been bereaved in any way. You'll be invited without pressure to share your own experiences by typing entries into anonymous word clouds. We'll also talk about the things that help.

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