Zoom at Brookes is changing on 11 July 2022

30 June 2022

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To improve the University’s security and use of Zoom, IT Services will be making a change to account settings from 11 July 2022. This change will mean that staff and students will no longer be able to use a brookes.ac.uk email address for personal Zoom accounts.

What will the account setting change do?

If you have used your brookes.ac.uk email address to set up a personal Zoom account after 11 July, when you log into your personal Zoom account you will be shown a message. You will be asked to join your Brookes Zoom Pro account (Join the account) or change the email address on your personal Zoom account (Change email address).

Join the account

  • you will be given the option to upgrade to your free Brookes Zoom Pro licence. Doing this will delete any meetings or data you have created with your Zoom Basic account.
  • you need to use your student email address, eg 12345678@brookes.ac.uk

Change email address

  • If you wish to keep your personal Zoom account please change the registered email address to a personal (not a brookes.ac.uk) address

Skip for this time

  • you can skip this message three times if you need to use Zoom before you are ready to change your account settings. On the fourth login, you will be required to choose either “Join the Account” or “Change Email Address”

What if I’ve paid for my Zoom personal account?

If you have paid for a personal Zoom account using your brookes.ac.uk email and wish to move to your free Brookes Zoom Pro licence you are entitled to a refund on the remaining value on your subscription. You will be able to select a ‘refund to me’ option when you accept the “Join the Account” option.

If you wish to keep your paid personal Zoom account, please select “Change email address” as explained above.

Can I use my brookes.ac.uk email address to create a personal Zoom account?

No, you need to use a personal, non-Brookes, email address to set up your personal Zoom account.

However, you can use your Brookes Zoom Pro account for personal use.

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