Graduation information

  • Deadline for registration for the June ceremonies: 29 March 2019 

    Please note, the June ceremony is only open to research students that have been conferred for an award between 1 August 2018 and Friday 29 March 2019.

    It is very important that all research students who think there is any possibility of completing their Research Degree and being conferred by 30 March 2018, complete and return the Graduation Registration Form (that will have been sent to you) to the Graduation Team in order to register for a graduation ceremony. In order to be eligible, all corrections to the thesis must have been approved by examiners and the final hard bound copy must have been submitted to the Research Degrees Team by 29 March 2019. For further information, please email

    If it turns out that you do not complete on time, your name will just be removed from the list at the end of March. However, failure to register will mean that you will be unable to attend the ceremony. 

    Download the registration form

    Please note, research students must register for the graduation ceremony using the registration form provided by the Research Degrees Team. You cannot register online. You can return the form by email to

    The graduation ceremonies are organised by the Graduation Team. A ceremony timetable can be found on the Graduation Team website. All enquiries regarding the organisation of your ceremony should be sent to