• Safety and respect

    What do respect and safety at university mean to you?

    Some students can be affected by harassment, hate crime or sexual violence whilst at university. Universities across the UK run campaigns and activities to raise awareness and to try to prevent these events from happening.

    Oxford Brookes is undertaking a study to understand more about students’ views on these important topics, in order to help develop better reporting mechanisms and interventions to improve student safety.

  • Thank you

    Thank you to all students who have participated in the research study. The questionnaire has now closed and each of the three students who won £50 Love to Shop vouchers have been emailed. 

    Focus Groups

    We will be holding further focus groups in Semester 1. If you are interested, please email the Research Team at staysafe@brookes.ac.uk and they will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

    If you decide to participate you will become a member of a ‘focus’ group, or discussion group, along with about 3-5 other people. The focus groups will run for no longer than 60 minutes and you will be provided with lunch.

    Your participation is entirely voluntary and no one apart from the other focus group members will know about what you have said during the discussion. 

    What's next

    We are now reviewing your responses and using these to develop a reporting tool for you to use to report incidents of harassment, hate crime and sexual violence. We will also use your responses to review areas where you think the university could contribute to reducing and preventing these types of incidents from happening.

    This web page will be updated regularly with progress.