I'm unable to log onto PIP. What can I do?

  • There may be a number of reasons why you are unable to access your PIP page and Student Central will be able to advise you of why and offer you advice on resolving any issues. Possibilities include:

    • You have not successfully completed your enrolment. All students need to enrol at the start of their academic year. If you are a continuing student this is normally done on PIP. If you are experiencing any difficulties with your online enrolment, please contact Student Central.
    • You have forgotten your password. Student Central and the IT Help Desk are able to issue you with a new password.
    • It is after Week 4 and you are yet to add any modules to your programme of study. Please contact Student Central or your Student Support Co-ordinators for advice.
    • You have a financial block as you have not paid your tuition fees
    • You are a Tier 4 international student and have been asked to scan your passport and/or visa. Please come to the Student Central counter to resolve this.