How do I request a change to my timetable?

  • Please note that some modules are only taught during one slot per academic year, where this occurs, you will be unable to request a change. If it is indicated on PIP that there is more than one slot available, please see below for guidance:

    • If you find you are not able to attend your allocated timetable slots for a valid reason such as work commitments or difficulties travelling between campuses, then you can request to change to another timetable slot by clicking on the 'Make Timetabling Request' link found on the left-hand side of your module selections. Use this page to select an alternative slot for practical/seminar groups.
    • Please note, if your request creates a timetable clash, then it will not be processed. If you wish to change your seminar group after Week 0, then the timetabling request will go to the Module Leader for approval. You should always add comments to support your timetabling request.