Use of students' information

  • Oxford Brookes University has a comprehensive new Student Privacy Notice which all students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with. Learn what personal information Oxford Brookes collects and why, who we may share it with and what your rights under the legislation are.

    The University is registered under current UK Data Protection law. It holds data in electronic and paper form on your personal details, academic and administrative history and on any relevant financial transactions. This information is necessary for us to properly administer your studies with the University, for example, the recording and processing of assessment results, the determination of final award outcomes, to provide services and facilities for you and for the production of management information statistics. Relevant information about you can be accessed by Brookes Union for the administration of union membership and membership rights and the provision of advice on welfare and other issues. Limited personal information can also be accessed by the University’s health services. Your assessment data will be processed to determine your progress and overall award outcome. In due course your records will form part of the student archive and basic information from your computer record will be made available to the Oxford Brookes University Alumni Association.

    In addition, we are required by law to collect and provide information on every student to certain external bodies. These bodies include the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the Learning and Skills Council, Local Authorities, and other student support bodies and sponsors, local taxation authorities, quality assurance bodies and the Training and Development Agency for Schools. Information may also be exchanged with bodies who administer professional qualifications. Information is also passed to the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) or HEFCE’s appointed agent. They may use this to contact you directly to ask you to take part in surveys to assess the quality and standards of teaching and learning at the University. HEFCE may share the information they collect with other statutory bodies. We are also obliged to release information to outside agencies, for example, the Police and similar law officers as part of criminal investigations, and in certain circumstances, to officers of the court in relation to civil proceedings. In addition, as part of its commitment to maintaining academic standards, the University may provide work that you submit for assessment to the TurnitinUK Plagiarism Detection Service. This will entail storing sufficient personal information on the TurnitinUK system to identify you from the work submitted. For further details, see The PDS and the Use of Personal Data (PDF).

    International applicant and enquirer personal data may be shared with QS Education Solutions Ltd (“QSES”) for processing requests for information and marketing purposes, any personal data shared with QSES will be treated as confidential and handled securely at all times.

    Full-time students are exempt from Council Tax and the University will also share a limited amount of personal information about full-time students with local authorities to assist them in applying any relevant exemptions. If you do not wish us to share your data with a local authority for this purpose, then contact Student Central by emailing or calling 01865 483455. If you are a full-time student and you choose to opt out of this information sharing, you may find that the process of being exempted from Council Tax takes longer to resolve.

    We need to know if you have a disability, special need or medical condition so that we know if you require additional support or special facilities. We also record information on ethnic origin and occupational background to monitor equal opportunities. Information is also provided to HESA for research purposes. Where this information is used for research the information published will be made anonymous so that you will not be identified as an individual.

    The details of your academic award from the University are regarded as public information (but not the fact that you have failed an award). Names of successful candidates will be published on open pass lists. This information may also be released to a third party, for example, prospective employers. You should also note that if you request that the University act as your referee, you are giving your consent for the release of any relevant personal information necessary to fulfil this request. If you are an incoming exchange student, the details of your academic award from Oxford Brookes University will be released directly to your Home University in order to transfer achieved grades into credits.

    If you wish to inspect the University’s data protection registration, it can be viewed in full at the Information Commissioner’s website. If you wish to make a subject access request, you should contact:

    Information Compliance Officer
    Oxford Brookes Information Solutions (OBIS)
    Oxford Brookes University
    Headington Campus
    Gipsy Lane
    Oxford, OX3 0BP

    Last updated: January 2018
    Last reviewed: December 2015