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  • How to apply to the Student Impact Fund

    How to apply

    What to do before completing the online application form:

    • Read the example application form with guidance notes to help draft your answers

    • Find out more about Brookes' guiding principles

    • Read our terms and conditions

    • Discuss your project with a member of Brookes staff before applying; the member of staff will be contacted to confirm they support your project.

    When you are ready, complete your application form (or click on the Apply to Student Impact Fund button).

    Please note: you have to be logged into your Brookes Google account to complete the application form. Once you start the application form you cannot save as you go, so we strongly recommend drafting your answers in advance using the example application form.

  • What happens next?

    • Your application is considered by the Student Impact Fund Panel after the application deadline

    • You will normally be informed of the Panel’s decision within 2 weeks of the application deadline

    • If elements of your project are unclear you may be asked to provide further evidence

    • If your project is approved for funding, you will be asked to provide your bank details for the account you want the money to be transferred to

    • Leading up to and for the duration of your project, you will be asked for regular updates

    • Once your project is complete, your will need to fill in and return the final report. You will also need to provide receipts for all expenses incurred and any monies not spent are to be returned.

    Please note that you may be contacted to clarify elements of your projects after you apply; however the project will only be considered for funding by the SIF Panel which takes place after the application deadline.