Book recommendations

Oxford Brookes has set up a Bibliotherapy Scheme to support students suffering mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety, depression, or a range of common emotional difficulties. Bibliotherapy is a term used to cover the use of self-help books to address mental and emotional concerns.

  • Recommended self-help books on a range of issues including anxiety, assertiveness, bereavement, depression, etc.
  • The University library holds all the books on our list.
  • Browse this site for yourself if you want self-help.
  • We encourage doctors, academic staff, non-academic staff, friends and family to use this site to recommend a book for someone they are concerned about. If you wish, you can print a Bibliotherapy Prescription Sheet to write down your recommendation.

Library books

Useful resources

Access the booklist from the Library website

You can also access the booklist from the Library website

  • Click on "Reading Lists." 
  • Change the search category at the top to "Module title." 
  • Type "bibliotherapy" in the search box. 
  • Click on "Go." 
  • Click on "For more information." 

Now you can open up the scheme, and then open up each category that you are interested in. You can check whether individual books are currently in the library or reserve them.

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