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    01865 484406


    Upgrade Academic Skills Development
    JHBB, Headington Campus
    Oxford OX3 0BP

    Book a tutorial

    Please call, email or visit us stating:

    • Whether you would like an appointment for study skills, mathematics or statistics.
    • What issues you would like the session to address, eg planning, being critical, analysing data, etc.
    • Which campus you would like to see someone on (see our opening times for what is available where).
    • If you would like to be seen in a quiet/private room, please make this request when booking. This may not always be possible but we will do our best to accommodate this.

    We will then reply offering you an appointment slot as close to your appointment time as possible. Please do not ignore this email but respond as quickly as possible letting us know whether you can attend the time offered or would prefer another time.

    Appointments are also available by Google Meet.

    Academic English queries

    If you are an international student, or a UK student with English as an additional language, you might find our modules, short courses or writing consultations useful. To find out more, visit our Academic English pages, attend an Academic English drop-in, or email academicenglish@brookes.ac.uk.

    Opening times

    (From Monday 23rd January)

    Appointment type

    Location and time

    Study skills drop-ins (No appointment necessary - just turn up!)

    Headington Campus
    Upgrade Advice Desk
    The Forum, JHBB, Lower Floor

    • Monday-Friday 12.00-1.00 
      If you are not on the Headington campus but can access a computer with a microphone, drop-ins are available via google meet. Call us on 01865 484406 and our reception team will set you up.

      Study skills appointments

      Study skills appointments are sometimes available on the day, but we advise booking several days ahead to avoid disappointment. 

      Appointments are up to 40 minutes longer depending on the nature of your query.

      All appointments are confidential.

      Headington Campus
      Upgrade Advice Desk 
      The Forum, JHBB, Lower Floor 

      • Monday-Thursday 10.00-6.00
      • Friday 10.00-12.00

      Marston Road

      • Wednesday 12.00-3.30 

      Harcourt Hill Campus  

      • Thursday 12.30-5.00

      Swindon Campus 

      • Wednesday 26th February 10.30-5.00
      • Tuesday 31st March 10.30-5.00

      Google Meet Appointments
      Monday-Thursday 10.00-6.00  

      Friday 10-12


      Maths and stats appointments

      Headington Campus  
      Upgrade Advice Desk 
      The Forum, JHBB, Lower Floor  

      Tuesdays and Thursdays (Limited number - early booking advised)

        Academic English drop-ins

        Headington Campus  
        International 2.04

        • Monday-Thursday 12.00-12.30  

        Academic English writing consultations

        Headington Campus

        International 2.04

        Online only