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  • Most Upgrade appointments take place face-to-face, but for students who are not regularly in Oxford we offer the option of appointments by Google Meet hangouts. This page tells you how to do this.

    Before the appointment

    1. Email upgrade@brookes.ac.uk and let us know that you would like a Google Meet appointment. Tell us whether you need to speak to a tutor in study skills, maths or stats and give as much information as you can about what you would like to discuss. If there is a particular piece of work you wish to discuss, please email it to upgrade@brookes.ac.uk before your appointment. We will not have looked at it before your appointment, but it will save time if we can access it quickly.

    2. You will receive an email from Upgrade offering you an appointment time. Please respond to any emails we send as promptly as possible so that appointment slots are not wasted.

    3. Once you have an appointment time, you will also receive an email from your tutor asking you to confirm your appointment time. Please click the ‘yes’ button in that email (if you can attend) or confirm it in your Google calendar.
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    At your appointment time

    1. To make Google Meet work well, you will need to use the Google Chrome browser. It can be downloaded for both PCs and Macs if you don’t already have it.

    2. Open your Google calendar. If you have your emails open, you can access your calendar by clicking in the top right of your screen as highlighted below.

    3. Google menu options

    1. Right-click on the calendar and click on ‘Join meeting’.

      Google hangout

    2. If you have not used Google Hangouts before, Google will ask for access to your camera and microphone. Once you have done this, click on the green join button and the meeting can begin.