Academic writing

    • What is academic style?

      (RMIT, Aus.) This video explores some of the main features of academic style in a little over two minutes. RMIT also offers a two-page print version that covers similar material.

      Academic Style: The Language of Argument

      Chapter 7 of A Visual Guide to Essay Writing invites you to see your audience as an invisible crowd and lists words to use to show the extent to which you 'endorse' the arguments of the experts you have read. It gives specific advice on academic style.
    • Transitions and linking words

      (Narragansett School, US) It's well worth taking a close look at the little words that help your writing to link and flow: however, likewise, moreover, finally – and alternatives when you are redrafting and editing your work.
    • Useful phrases

      (University of Westminster, UK) suggests words and phrases to introduce, conclude, add information and more.
      • Linking words (RMIT, Aus) A short example showing why these words are important for cohesion, and useful lists of words you could use.
    • Dictionaries

      Always useful! Here's a shortcut to Brookes library dictionaries, thesauri and translators page.
    • Integrating references

      (RMIT, Aus) 1 side, 2 strategies and an example showing words to use in referring to your sources in your writing
    • Example of essays

      (University of Bradford, UK) Here is an interesting example of how tutors think as they read students’ essays. The comments show when they expect a reference and why. 
    • The Academic Phrasebank

      (Manchester University, UK) is a brilliant resource for all writers of academic work (including you!).

    and much more...