Annotated bibliography

  • These may be set when tutors want to see what students have been reading, and more importantly, what they think about what they read, and how they then use it in their work.

    • Annotated bibliography in brief

      This clear 3-point format shows what you can do in 100-150 words. This structure works for a longer review too.
    • Annotated bibliographies 

      (RMIT, Australia) In 2 sides, this outlines:
      • What your reader may want to see in your annotations
      • Language and focus
      • An example showing the elements (about 300 words)
    • Annotated bibliography 

      (University of New South Wales, Aus) This gives a fuller outline: what is...? purpose… points to consider for inclusion… writing style… as well as possible contents and an example.
    • Writing an annotated bibliography

      (University of Toronto, Canada) More detailed again, giving examples of annotations with different purposes, with an emphasis on evaluation, and specific suggestions for language to use.