Critical writing

  • 'Too descriptive'

    If you get this comment on your work...

    • Descriptive versus critical / analytical
      (University of Plymouth, UK) highlights the differences.
    • Writing
      (RMIT, Aus) uses clear, colour coded, practical examples to show you how to integrate your sources and analysis in your writing.
    • Be More Critical
      (Oxford Brookes, UK) guides you through all aspects of critical thinking, reading, research and writing. Devised for healthcare students, it is useful to anyone.
    • What is critical writing?
      (University of Bradford, UK) Four Powerpoint slides give four short answers to four key questions. Take a look.
    • Academic Phrasebank
      (Manchester University, UK) is great for language to use in your writing to show how you are thinking and reacting critically to the material you have read.