• Information Skills

      (Oxford Brookes Library) Research involves using a variety of databases to explore your topic and the best people to advise on which databases will fit your needs are our colleagues in the library. As well as online resources, you can get help from your subject librarian. Of course to make this work, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to find out through your reading. Upgrade can help you to clarify your research agenda and colleagues in the library can help you to develop your skills in using keywords.

    • Shopping for information: introducing subject databases

      (University of Manchester Library, UK) This interactive guide introduces subject databases and shows you how to use them. It’s informative, clear and user-friendly and helps you become familiar with the format, as you do with online shopping. Start here. 
    • Online training for business students

      (Oxford Brookes University, UK) An optional Virtual course A guide to business and economics databases for Brookes students.

    Healthcare students

    Healthcare students using the 'systematic approach' to reviewing literature (often in a dissertation) will find the following guides especially helpful:

    And of course if you need more help, you can ask a subject librarian for help.