Dissertations: finding your research question

  • Without a question to drive you on and sharpen your mind you can feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material you can quickly amass on any topic. The 'find-out-all-you-can' approach to research can lead to a 'write-all-you-know-about' dissertation (or essay!). Don't go there...

    Choosing a Topic Overview

    (University of Leicester) A quick overview of some of the big questions involved in choosing a dissertation topic.

    Anything you were sceptical about

    (University of Leicester) This video invites you to use potentially controversial aspects of your course as a starting point.

    Browsing through journals

    (University of Leicester) A journal article won't tell you what your dissertation question should be, but this example from a music student demonstrates how coming at the same topic from different angles can help you generate a range of questions leading to an original research idea.

    Listen to what others are planning

    (University of Leicester) In this video, a geography student uses conversations with others on his course to get the creativity flowing.

    Being Original

    (University of Leicester) Much confusion is caused by the emphasis on originality in dissertations. This video helps clear through the fog with suggestions on how to be original.