• Grammar

      (University of Reading, UK) A readable outline of grammar you need in your writing with useful links to follow up.
    • Academic Writing

      (University of South Wales) This resource covers many aspects of study skills but includes resources on grammar, punctuation, tenses, articles and more.
    • Improve your writing

      (University of Bristol, UK) A friendly yet comprehensive guide to punctuation, common confusions, pitfalls and more. The drop-down menu on the left makes it easy to find specific advice.
    • Grammar bytes

      (Simmons, RL) Simple explanations of common as well as exotic points of grammar. A range of resources including YouTube videos (the See-it series) to make light work of it! Try a few.
    • Help is at hand

      (University College London, UK) with apps on Grammar, Academic writing, Spelling and Punctuation in your hand.