• You will almost certainly have an assignment involving groupwork every semester, and even if your groupwork is not assessed, working with others is a crucial skill. Getting the basics right at the beginning will help to keep your group on track - for an enjoyable experience as well as a grade based on everyone's strengths.

    The basics

    • Groupwork

      (RMIT, Aus) This tutorial is clear, practical and brilliant! Get everyone in your group to click through it at your first meeting, and use it to guide you through the ups and downs.

    Organisational tools / apps

    • Doodle

      An easy-to-use tool for arranging meetings.
    • Trello

      Intuitively designed and free, Trello includes checklists, document upload, picture attachments, deadline alarms and more – useful for groupwork.
    • Google Meet is a great tool for communicating with people by video conference online. You can have multiple participants, share screens and more. You can find more details on our assistive technology/apps page.