Literature review

  • All these sources offer useful advice – check a couple to find what fits best with your approach and the expectations in your subject area.

    • Literature review tutorial

      (RMIT, Aus) explains clearly what a literature review it (and is not), how to tackle the reading and research and think about what you read – and on to planning and practical advice on writing. A perfect place to start.
    • Literature reviews

      (Royal Literary Fund, UK) A short, clear outline - what a lit review is and why you do one. It then suggests a basic structure and gives suggestions on how to tackle it.
    • Starting your literature review

      (University of Reading, UK) offers a clear outline of what's involved in starting a lit review. It includes a helpful diagram (an upside down triangle) showing how you move from broad to specific topics as you research. Note the useful tabs at the bottom of the page.
    • Example 

      (University of Massachusetts Amherst) You may pick up some useful points from this annotated literature review which points out where the writer has grouped and analysed sources well. 
    • Systematic Reviews

      (University of Surrey) A step-by-step guide to conducting systematic reviews of particular use to healthcare students.
    • Basic Literature Review Overview

      (RMIT University) A handout giving an overview of the basic features of a literature review which provides a helpful start-point.
    • Conducting a Literature Review

      (University of Toronto) A handout giving types of questions to ask when starting to find and read the literature for your review.

    For postgraduate students

    • Literature review online tutorial

      (RMIT, Aus) A set of short videos showing you how to think, plan, structure and write the introduction, body and conclusion of a literature review. An essential starting point for postgraduates.
    • Planning and conducting a dissertation research project

      (University of Leicester, UK) offers guidance on the whole process from start to finish including choosing a topic, writing a proposal, time planning, literature review, collecting data and writing up.