• Paraphrasing is an essential skill for expressing the ideas you have read in your own writing. You do have to be careful that you acknowledge and reference ideas from authors you use – putting their ideas into your words doesn't make them yours! Summarising key points (in your own words of course) and referencing them (Williams 2013) is better than lots of paraphrasing.

    • Paraphrasing

      (Open University, UK) gives short, clear guidelines and an example.
    • The Academic Phrasebank

      (Manchester University) is well worth exploring for different ways to reword your work.
    • Paraphrasing tutorial

      (RMIT, UK) gives specific tips on how to paraphrase, and short activities for you to try out your skills. The page on synthesising ideas from several sources is especially clear. It uses colour coding to show how to weave together contradictory ideas from several sources in your writing.