• Postgraduate Online Research Training (PORT)

      gives advice on the whole PhD cycle from application, proposal, through research and right on through to your viva. The pages have an arts context but much of the advice is applicable to other disciplines.
    • One Hundred Thousand Words

      Subtitled Reflections on research and writing - an intelligent, informative blog which does just this.
    • Patter

       is now a good place for lively discussions on the various aspects of life as a research or PhD student.
    • 10 tips on how to fail a PhD

      (Times Higher) Written from the point of view of a supervisor / examiner, most of the tips are relevant to any PhD student (though some are particular to the arts context of the writer).
    • Vivas

      for postgraduate research students (from the University of Reading). A practical run-through of before, during and after a viva.