Poster presentations

  • Posters are well established in academic conferences as a means for many participants to present research (whereas only a few can give a presentation to the conference). You too may be asked to present your research as a poster. Here's how.

    • Academic poster presentations

      (RMIT, Aus) Two sides of tips for effective poster presentations in bullet points – specific, practical advice.

    • An effective poster

      (North Carolina State University, US) This resource includes lots of detailed advice on planning and design - layout, graphics, colours etc.

      • Examples of posters includes blogs discussing the + and - points of each poster. Read it - or join it even!
    • Designing a poster

      (Leicester University, UK) A visual presentation with clear graphics and commentary on all aspects of designing a poster - starting with 'Get the academic content right' - this is often overlooked!

    • Producing an Academic Poster

      (University College Plymouth St Mark & St John) This video will ensure that your poster does not succumb to technical pitfalls.