• Oral presentations

      (Napier University, UK) gives you all the advice you need to prepare a presentation and helpful comments from students – all clearly set out. Find the section on oral presentations in the menu on the right of the page.
    • Oral presentations

      (RMIT, Aus) The tabs here offer step-by-step guidance, all clear and colour coded on how to prepare and deliver a presentation. It includes advice on structure, engaging your audience and presenting, ending with a short video of a complete presentation.
    • What makes a good presentation

      (University of Northampton, UK) A short video on absolutely how NOT to do it, with a recap of the take-away points.
    • BBC learning English

      has pages on language to use in presentations: openings and signposting words and phrases that guide the listeners through the presentation. Effective presentations will have lots of these!
    • Be inspired!

      Take a peep at other people's presentations to inspire your own!
      • Prezi: zooming presentation software
        Take a look at this example of a Prezi presentation (it's about report writing by Michelle Reid – a piece of cake!) You can sign up to make your own.
      • Slide Share: where individuals and organisations can upload and view presentations on almost anything.
      • Vimeo: uploaded videos on almost any topic. Use their categories or your own search terms.

    When you watch, try to analyse what worked and what didn't and why. Use your critical skills to ask questions such as: who produced it, what their purpose was, and to what extent did it succeed?