About 'A student's own framework for reflection' (Holm and Stephenson 1995)

  • See how we have used Holm and Stephenson's prompt questions in our Health Visitor example

    Choose a situation

    Ask yourself

    • What was my role in this situation?
    • Did I feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Why?
    • What actions did I take?
    • How did I, and others, act?
    • Was it appropriate?
    • How could I have improved the situation for myself, the patient, my mentor?
    • What can I change in the future?
    • Do I feel as if I have learnt anything new about myself?
    • Did I expect anything different to happen? What and why?
    • Has it changed my way of thinking in any way?
    • What knowledge from theory and research can I apply to this situation?
    • What broader issues, for example, ethical, political or social, arise from this situation?
    • What do I think about these broader issues?

    Holm D and Stephenson S (1994) Reflection – A Student’s Perspective. In Palmer A, Burns S and Bulman C (eds) Reflective Practice in Nursing: the growth of the professional practitioner. Blackwell Scientific Publications: Oxford 53-62

    Holm and Stephenson are suggesting a series of prompt questions to ask yourself when you reflect on a situation. Not all questions will be appropriate in all situations, and it may be appropriate to ask some questions more than once at different points in your review.

    Holm and Stephenson's questions can also be used to prompt and organise your thoughts under each phase of one of the more structured frameworks for reflection, such as Honey and Mumford's or Gibbs'.