• There are lots of different methods to choose from.  Here are some examples of methods that have worked well for others:

    • Brookes library

      stocks past exam papers - checking these out is a key element of your preparation.
    • Planning your revision

      (University of Reading, UK) Lots of practical advice on developing a strategy for revision, including a consideration of types of exams.
    • Planning and using revision time effectively

      (University of Sussex, UK) Tips and comments, and a lot of helpful advice through these pages. Have a browse.
    • Revision and exam strategies

      (Aston University, UK) has tabs on advice for revision and includes an example of a revision timetable.
    • Index cards

      (Open University, UK) Good for summarising information, or mapping possible answers to exam questions.
    • Flashcards

      (Flashcard Machine) Take a look at the Flashcards other people have created for themselves to summarise or revise – and try it yourself if you like the idea.
    • Revision: tips and tactics 

      (Oxford Brookes University) on planning, memory and concentration.