• Correct spelling is as much about impression management as it is about communicating effectively with your reader. Incorrect spelling will annoy your reader, whether a tutor or employer - so it's worth getting the basics right. Beyond this, take note of your spellchecker. Those wiggly lines in Microsoft Word are telling you something... ! The trickiest words are those that are correctly spelt but are the wrong word for what you want to say. These sites can help with all this.

    • Skillswise: spelling

      If you want to go back to basics and check what you never learnt at school.
    • Common confusions

      The tricky ones... and there is lots on other aspects of spelling, grammar and punctuation you might find handy.
    • Spelling strategies

      (University of Leicester, UK) A presentation with clear graphics and audio outlining a range of strategies to help improve spelling.
    • Ginger proofreader

      Corrects spelling and grammar mistakes.