Time management

  • If you want something done, ask the busiest person.

    True? Most probably, because a busy person has got good at fitting things in, looking ahead to see what's coming round the corner, planning different slots for different tasks, getting ahead... You can do it too! Here are some suggestions.

    The timeline

    A must for logging all the deadlines of all your modules on one sheet! Use Upgrade's Brookes semester planner sheet and complete the timeline if you do nothing else! Then stick it up somewhere you can't miss it. If you can get your head around what you have to do and when you have to do it by, you're well on the way.

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    • Time management
      (LearnHigher) Tips and strategies to get your time management under control. Try the 5-step plan to get your time under control.
    • ASK - Assessment Survival Kit
      (University of Staffordshire, adapted from University of Kent) Sets the clock ticking. You enter your start date, your finish date, and it calculates the schedule for your assignment. It cleverly offers a wealth of suggestions for what you might be doing and how to do it at each point of the journey along the way.
    • Planning in time
      (JCU, Aus) Chapter 2 of A Visual Guide to Essay Writing sets out pitfalls and strategies for time planning with astute and witty illustrations.
    • Website blocker
      (Leech block, Mozilla Firefox) enables you to limit your viewing, block certain times of day, and keep a tally of your total time online.
    • App SelfControl
      The way of controlling yourself when you need it. It blocks websites that you might be drawn to when you’re looking for distraction or... procrastination. Dramatic design, but useful app.
    • Tools for managing your time
      (Nottingham University, UK) Download and print any sheet you fancy to help you keep track of time and tasks! Be selective.
    • Organisation and time management
      (University of Leicester, UK) A presentation with clear graphics and commentary on all aspects of getting organised for study and managing your time effectively.