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    Seminars, writing retreats and other events.

  • Podcast

    What does stylish look like?

    This podcast brings together some of the participants from our most recent event to discuss writing style:

    • What are the qualities of good academic writing?
    • Are stylistic conventions a barrier or a support?
    • How can you follow an established form while maintaining your creativity and identity?
    • What processes build confidence and get you writing?

    Kevin Watson talks to Marion Waite, Mary Deane, Cornelia Bogatu and Michelle Reid to get some answers - as well as some unexpected poetry!

  • Coming soon

    Questioning the givens of academic writing in and across the disciplines

    This second Writing Symposium has been postponed until the autumn in the hope it will be able to take place face to face. The theme dovetails nicely with our latest seminar. We will list the date here as soon as we hear more. 

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    Writing retreats

    We are planning some virtual Writing Hub Retreat opportunities over the summer, open to students and staff, so if you are interested please join the Writing Hub mailing list (email  writinghub@brookes.ac.uk). We will send round more information in due course. 

    Other retreats

    List your writing retreat here! Email writinghub@brookes.ac.uk

    Past events

  • 25 March 2020

    Facilitated by Dr. Marion Waite

    This online discussion of Helen Sword's paper Writing higher education differently: a manifesto on style was facilitated by Dr. Marion Waite, Principal Lecturer for Student Experience in HLS.

    We considered together what stylish academic writing looks like in the different disciplines. How does (or could) our thinking around this influence support for students in developing their academic style and voice? Staff and students went away ‘feeling liberated’, ‘less intimidated’ and ‘more brave’ when it comes to the ‘risk-taking’ of finding their voice in their academic writing. 

    15 January 2020

    Presented by Professor Vincent Connelly

    How do markers view poor spelling and how should they view it? In this seminar, psychology professor Vincent Connelly explored how poor, hesitant spelling can impact on the ability to produce text, gave us a better understanding of the issues with spell-checkers and presented evidence that showed significant bias against poor spelling among those marking student writing.