• Multifaith Chaplaincy

    The Multifaith Chaplaincy is here to offer friendship and spiritual care to all members of the University - students and staff, UK and internationals, people from any faith tradition, or no faith at all. 

  • What's on

    International English Club

    Mondays from 7.45pm, Garden Room (BCK.G.20) 

    Come and make friends, play games, meet local English people and have fun! Everyone is welcome.

    Trans Day of Remembrance: A Solemn Commemoration 

    Monday, 20th November, 6pm, Garden Room (BCK.G.20) 

    Trans Day of Remembrance honours our transgender and gender-non-conforming siblings who have been killed within the past 12 months because of their gender expression. Remember and honour them in words and music. All are welcome.

    Meditation for Relaxation

    Tuesdays, 12pm, Garden Room & Thursday, 5pm, Garden Room (BCK.G.20)

    A breathing mediation exercise to help you to relax and feel refreshed.

    Ideas Café - Economics

    Tuesday, 21st November, 5pm, Garden Room (BCK.G.20) 

    "Is there an alternative to capitalism." All ideas and beliefs welcome. Come and join us and bring an open mind!

    Soul Feast

    Wednesday, 22nd November, 12pm, Garden Room (BCK.G.20) 

    You are welcome to share in a time of quiet worship and fellowship together. All are welcome. 

    Chaplaincy Lecture

    Wednesday, 22nd November, 6pm, Main Lecture Theatre, JHBB

    "Why does God allow human beings to commit atrocious acts?" In the Chaplaincy Lecture, speakers from different faith traditions share their personal understanding of God and the world to share insight into the existence of evil. All are welcome. 

    Prayer and Fellowship lunch

    Thursdays, 12pm, 62 London Road 

    You are welcome to share in a time of worship and fellowship together. Led by Fr. Prem Fernando and Sr. Lucy at the Catholic Chaplaincy House.

    Finding God at Brookes Bible Study

    Thursdays, 1:30pm, Garden Room (BCK.G.20) 

    You are welcome to share in a time of worship and fellowship together. Non-denominational Bible study and prayer led by Sola Adesola.

    Friday Prayer

    Fridays, 1pm, Garden Room and Inner Room (BCK.G.20-22)

    You are welcome to share in a time of worship and prayer. The Garden Room and Inner Room are available for personal prayer from 11am.

    Carolling Towards Christmas

    Tuesdays, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th November and 5th December, 12:40-1:10pm, Westminster Chapel (Harcourt Hill)

    Carol Service

    Thursday, 7th December, 6:30-8pm, Westminster Chapel (Harcourt Hill)

    An Informal Carol Service to celebrate advent. All are welcome (family friendly) 

    Holocaust Memorial Day

    Monday, 29th January 2018, 12:40-1:10pm, Westminster Chapel (Harcourt Hill)