Pastoral care

  • Members of the Multifaith Chaplaincy team are trained in pastoral care. We are not counsellors, we are ministers who are glad to walk alongside you in your journey through life. Whether you are struggling, celebrating or just want to pass the time of day, our aim is to listen more than to talk.

    You do not have to come to one of the Multifaith Chaplaincy spaces to meet with us. If you arrange an appointment, we can often come to you where it is convenient.

    For students, we offer a safe place to talk things through that is is outside the academic structures. We will always lend an ear, or talk about what faith means to you. We can also advise you about other people who may be of help.

    We are also available to Brookes staff and are willing to offer informal support in a confidential setting which is independent of managerial structures, and we can advise about other channels of support.

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    Prayer requests

    The Chaplains pray regularly for the work of the University, its students and staff. If you have a particular need that you want to share, we will be glad to pray for you. We can also pray with you if you wish. In either case, simply call in or email

    Help and guidance

    If you would like to talk in confidence to one of the chaplains, call in during office hours, phone 01865 484690 or email