Multifaith Chaplaincy Rooms

  • The Multifaith Chaplaincy Rooms provide space in a busy campus. It is a good place to be, where you can take time out to chill or chat. Drinks are always available, and there is a quiet room where you can pray. There's also a Chaplaincy library of resources for your faith.

    The Multifaith Chaplaincy Rooms can be found on the ground floor of the Buckley Building (adjacent to Wellbeing) on the Headington Campus. We are open for prayer and worship, study and discussion, drop-in and socialising every day of the week, with something special for most people - depending on your interests and your timetable. Anyone is welcome, and whenever you call in you will be sure to meet some great people!

    If you are staff or student and would like to book a space, please do drop in or email

    Multifaith Chaplaincy Rooms 20-22

    • Room 20 is adjacent to the tea point. This space is open for prayer and worship, for socialising, sharing lunch with friends, and meeting with the Chaplains. There is tea and coffee available in the tea point next door. Crafternoon Tea, Relaxation Class, and Lunchtime Worship are all held here. 
    • Room 22 is adjacent to the wash rooms. This space is open for prayer and worship, meditation, and quiet time. Prayer Mats are stored here. Monday Morning Meditation is held here.
    • Rooms 20 & 22 can be opened into a single space for larger meetings and events, including the International English Club and Friday Prayer.

    Reflection Room (Room 24)

    The Reflection Room is a small room opposite the wash rooms. This room is open for prayer and worship, meditation and quiet time.

    Chaplaincy room